strength training

Functional fitness is good for every body!

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to appreciate the benefits of strength training. Study after study confirms that a little extra muscle can make a big difference in how you feel, from increased energy to being able to manage the tasks of daily life, whether it’s opening a stubborn jar, lifting a piece of furniture, or building better posture and surer balance.

Most importantly, strength training can benefit people of any age. Whether you’re a 35-year-old looking for additional strength on the job or an active 75-year-old looking to improve your golf game, it can all start at Real Time Fitness.

We’ve got the most advanced, most biomechanically correct strength training machines in the industry. And if you’re ready to step up to free weights, our qualified staff of personal trainers can show you the form you need to make visible results you’ll feel throughout the day.

Want to know more? We’ve curated a few articles about how strength training can benefit mature Americans. Click the links below. We’re also ready to answer your questions in person. Stop by the desk here at Real Time Fitness and let us show you how to put a little muscle in your day!

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