TRX Training

A new and highly effective way to get fit!

TRX training logoReal Time Fitness is pleased to be Pensacola’s first TRX Training facility with certified instructors.

TRX Training uses the latest suspension training programs for individual and group fitness. Make your body your machine, using your own body weight to create resistance. You can literally do hundreds of exercises to build strength, power, flexibility, balance, and prevent injuries. TRX Training allows you to work at your own comfort level.

So who is using TRX Training?

  • Super Bowl-winning New Orleans Saint Quarterback Drew Brees
  • Bob Harper uses TRX Training with The Biggest Loser contestants
  • Pro Cyclist and multiple Ironman winner Tyler Stewart
  • Performance coaches — and many other fitness professionals

Real Time Fitness offers you the same opportunity to get fit and commit with TRX Training!

Real Time Fitness TRX Schedule

High-intensity, 30 minute sessions!

Morning TRX sessions, Monday through Friday


Evening TRX sessions, Monday through Friday